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Your Go-to Mobile Catering Food Trucks

That special place where cast and crew escape to reset & refocus with a lovely cuppa coffee, a laugh and a joke with us, leaving with a nutritious snack in hand ready to face another take. Usually known as the best place to be on set.

Crew Appreciation Days

Lift Moral or just simply to say thank you to your hardworking crews by having The GeeGees on set for the day – anything from a barista coffee and one of our lush homemade brownies to full craft services.

The Press

What can I say other than your service is the best I have ever received which is borne out by the love and praise you receive from all the cast and crew. I have never known a company serve such great craft with such a lovely crew and where 100% of cast and crew are amazed at the quality and service of your supply.

Paul SaronyProducer - The Great Season 3

Who Have We Catered For?

Tailored Menu Options

Our catering team is committed to crafting menus tailored to your specific dietary requirements and preferences. Whether you or your crew require vegan or gluten-free meals, you can be sure that we’ve created those options for you. If you have a specific dietary requirement that we need to consider, then please speak to a team member and we’ll find options to suit you.

Check Out Our Food!

Looking for a reliable experienced catering company for your event or production

Well, look no further! We’re on hand to provide you with tasty snacks, drinks, and a social area to help turn your production into a great success. Get in touch with us today and we’ll work with you to create a plan that works for you and your crew.